When is enough enough?

Some people stop work and go home at 5.30 and don’t think about it again until the following morning. But for some of us there is always one more thing, sometimes many more things, that need to be done or that could be done.

Seth Godin uses the term ‘dance’ for this endless process of deciding when to stop. My term for it is a little less poetic – I think of it as knowing when enough is enough. It’s deciding that we’ve done all that we can, or all that we are prepared to do.

Knowing when to stop is a big decision, and for many it’s a big and difficult challenge. ‘When is enough enough?’ – it’s the topic that most often crops up when I do time management workshops.

Making the decision to stop often takes account of our bodies (we’re tired or hungry), but it should always take account of the fact that a rewarding life which is lived to the full involves a variety of activities (not just work).

Whether you call it the dance (and from now on I will), or whether you think of deciding when enough is enough, getting that decision right is a major factor in living a fulfilling life.

Knowing when to stop – or knowing how to dance – becomes clearer if you ask yourself some powerful questions:

What is the most important in thing my life?

What do I want to achieve?

What gives me most pleasure?

What is expected of me?

What am I capable of?

What do I want to do now?

.. and ..

Is it time to stop?

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