Triple win development

This is obvious: we train and develop in order to improve skills, knowledge and experience, and to boost effectiveness and productivity.

What’s less obvious are some of the subtler benefits of training and development.

When staff are given training there’s a good chance that in the back of their minds (and sometimes in the front) they’ll think ‘the company is investing in me, it must think I’m worth it.’ From this comes a greater sense of self-worth, and that means happier and more motivated staff.

When training and development succeeds in improves performance. Individuals enjoy the sense that what they are doing today is better, bigger, faster, more creative, and much improved in comparison to what they did yesterday. That’s a nice feeling.

And, when someone feels valued and motivated, and when the see themselves being better than yesterday, that kick starts an upward trajectory. Improvement leads to improvement.

It’s obvious really!

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