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Training and development are not optional extras

Training and development are not optional extras. Nor are they:

After thoughts or added extras.

Rewards 0r second thoughts.

Last minute or annual events.

Treats or privileges.

Sometimes or maybe.

The work you do is changing all the time, sometimes in small and almost undetectable ways, sometimes in big and very obvious ways. To stay on top, to keep ahead of the game, you need to change and develop with the work.

Even at those times when there is little change in the work you will still be changing, you’ll be learning new tricks and techniques, gaining experience, learning on the job.

This is good because a job that doesn’t change is repetitive and sooner later you’ll get bored. And it’s good because it means that you are getting better at what you do and staying ahead of competitors.

So, training and development are happening all the time.

Sometimes the need or opportunity for learning is small, sometimes it’s big and you’ll need to get help from a colleague or do a training course.

Here’s a great thing – work becomes more interesting and rewarding if you are mindful of these changes and opportunities, if you can see the gain in knowledge and experience, if you can plan your development, and if you can get help, support and guidance from others with more experience.

What have you learnt today?

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Avoid work/life balance!

Avoid work/life balance!

I’m joking – but only half joking!!

I wanted to call this blog work/life integration, because I much prefer the term integration to balance.

I don’t like the word balance because it implies a separation, with work at one end of the see-saw and life at the other. And I’m not sure we can or should separate work from life in that way. In contrast, for me, integration implies that the two things work together in a more complex and supportive way.

For example, it’s obvious that while we’re at work we think about the other parts of our lives – our family and friends etc. And while we’re not working we think about work – well, most of us do – and that’s not a bad thing. If we like our work it’s natural to think about it when we’re not there, we think about our careers, and sometimes we have problems at work that we need to prepare for or deal with out of work.

Contrasting work with life implies that life, and all its component parts, is a better and more valuable way of spending time. However, for many people, work is a vital part of their lives, it’s where they get a major part of their sense of identity and purpose in life. Work can be fulfilling, we can be passionate about it, and in that way it nourishes us. Work is a very important part of our lives, work is not what we do when we’re not living.

Try this exercise. Think about all the good things you get from work. Here’s a list to start you off:


Now try to separate your work from your life!

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