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Telling porkies

I’ve been thinking about personal values.

Even if we don’t articulate them, we live by a set of implicit values. They are the principles by which we behave, expect others to behave, and by which we make decisions.

It’s good to be explicit about values, even if it’s just to ourselves, because it means that we are clear about them and can more easily live by them.

Today a woman phoned from what I believe was an India-based call centre. She called herself Janet and claimed to be from the ‘shop’ attached to my mobile phone network. She was offering a new handset but wanted me to verify my contract details first. I said that if she was from my network she’d know these details. I asked her for her phone number, she gave me a false number. She was, of course, fishing for information!!

A while ago I bought a new car on credit. A day or so later I got a call from the finance company offering me credit protection. The caller quoted me prices based on their gold and platinum policies. I got him to admit that there was also a bronze option. He said he couldn’t give me details of this, and that if I wanted a policy I’d have to choose gold or platinum. He was, of course, lying so that I’d buy the more expensive option.

I’m hoping that both of these people are now covered with sore boils.

And, I’m wondering about their values, and the values of the companies they work for.

Bluffing, lying, deceiving, being economical with the truth, call it what you like, it certainly goes against my values. It gives business, and sales people in particular, a bad name.

There are lots of good honest people in business, it’s a real shame that there are also quite few who think its ok to lie.

What are your values?

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