Workshops for individuals, teams, managers and leaders – for everyone.

I offer workshops in a range of essential and transferrable business and organisational skills. My workshops are practical, they are opportunities to reflect, to share experiences, to learn from me and from others, to change who you are and what you do.

Workshops range from half-day to three days. I prefer bespoke solutions, so I’m happy to tailor what I do to meet a client’s needs.

Personal Productivity. How to be well organised, focused, effective, and motivated, a better time/task manager, and how to have better meetings. See more information here.

Culture of Improvement. A series of workshops that help to develop a company culture that inspires commitment, improves motivation, supports improvement and development, and increases effectiveness and productivity. See more information here.

Team Development Programme. A programme that helps a team have common aspirations, collective goals, a shared plan, and clear processes; it also teaches team members the skills for working effectively with others. See more information here.

How to be a Great Manager. Learn some essential skills for managing people and developing your team. A workshop for new managers and those wanting to learn some additional management techniques. See more information here.

Develop Your Leadership skills. Whether you lead a small team or a large organisation, good leadership skills are essential. This workshop will show you the core skills and attributes of effective leadership, and help you develop your own leadership style and behaviours. See more information here.

Presentation Skills. Learn the essential skills for making effective and confident presentations in formal and informal situations. See more information here.

Profitable Client Relationships. A workshop designed for account handlers, creative and technical staff, or anyone who has direct contact with clients. Modules include effective communication, building great relationships, win/win negotiation, consultative selling. See more information here.

Negotiation Skills: how to achieve win/win results. Learn to ‘win’ and to increase sales by understanding your client’s needs, and by adapting your strategy and pitch to meet those needs. See more information here.