How to be a great leader

A practical, inspiring workshop

The workshop
This workshop is designed to create leaders who are motivated, engaged, and an inspiration to their teams. It is based on the belief that leadership stems from a ‘way of being’, not just a position in a hierarchy, and that great leaders are great role models.

Who is it for?
It’s for anyone who is in a leadership role of any sort. And, importantly, the workshop draws on the idea that all managers are also leaders and need leadership skills – so, the workshop is also for anyone in a management role of any sort.

The objectives
The workshop is designed to help you know what you are good at, and to feel confident in your abilities, decisions, choices and direction. It’s also has the objective of sending you away with a plan for continuing to develop your leadership skills.

The workshop is practical, there will be brainstorms and group working, and time for you to reflect on your own skills and ambitions.

The workshop
The workshop sections are:

What are the attributes and behaviours of a great leader?
In the first section we’ll share ideas on what it is that makes for a successful leader, and we’ll look at:

  • how a leader should behave
  • how a leader should communicate business goals
  • a leader’s relationship to their team
  • a leader’s relationship to individuals.

Who am I, what do I do?
In this section we’ll look at ‘emotional intelligence’ and everyone will complete a simple personality test in order to improve their self-knowledge.

Being proactive, making things happen.
This section will encourage action and confidence by:

  • looking at what engages us at work
  • using asset-based thinking to be positive and optimistic

Always improving
This section will encourage constant personal improvement by:

  • looking at what it means and what attributes we need to be constantly seeking to improve ourselves
  • getting everyone to ask ‘personal goals, what are mine?’ – and turning wishes into concrete plans (personal development plans, training plans)
  • introducing reflective learning techniques
  • introducing the GOLDeN technique.

Through the workshop you will be introduced to a number of theories, models and techniques, these will help you to improve your leadership capabilities, and they will be of practical help as you lead your team.

This is a one day workshop best undertaken in two half-day sessions with a gap of a week or so between.

The contents of the workshop can be varied to meet the needs of particular organisations or groups of leaders and managers.

For more information email or phone 07932 657925.