Negotiation skills

Negotiation skills: how to achieve win/win results is one of a number of workshops covering a range of essential and transferrable business and organisational skills – view the full list here.

All my workshops are practical, they are opportunities to reflect, to share experiences, to learn from me and from others, to change who you are and what you do. I prefer bespoke solutions, so I’m happy to tailor what I do to meet a client’s needs.

About this workshop

Successful negotiation is key to personal effectiveness and business success, and it takes many forms: finalising a big contract with a major client, getting the best price from a supplier, or making day-to-day arrangements with your colleagues.

A key lesson in this workshop is that you can learn to ‘win’ by understanding the other party’s needs, and by adapting your strategy and pitch to meet those needs.

The workshop teaches ‘investigative negotiation’ which uses questioning techniques to open up options, and to understand the other party’s constraints, interests and priorities.

What you will learn 

The workshop will teach you:

  • how to clarifying your objectives, priorities and strategy
  • the importance of building relationships
  • the benefits of win/win
  • using questions to understand the other party’s needs, options and constraints
  • separating people from ‘positions’
  • how to finalise arrangements and agreements

This is a fun workshop with some games and ‘learning by doing.’

Who should attend?

The workshop is designed for those who want to improve their confidence in negotiations, to be clear about what they want, and to increase their ability to get it.

This workshop can be tailored to meet specific needs. Ideally it is delivered over two half days with a gap between that allows time for some practice and assignments.