Performance Management


Performance management helps individuals and teams to increase performance and achieve organisational goals. It is a framework that ensures the continuous development of staff.

There are three key and interlinked processes in performance management:

  • review of performance and development
  • planning, setting goals and standards for performance and development
  • on-going coaching and mentoring.

About the workshop

The workshop covers the basic skills that managers need to implement performance management, and I provide sample templates for reviews, personal development plans etc. Workshop components are:

  • performance management, how it works and the benefits
  • planning and setting goals and standards
  • motivation
  • conducting reviews
  • giving feedback
  • coaching skills, incuding listening and questioning
  • personal development plans

The workshop compenents can be tailored to suit specific needs. It can be for managers with little or no experience, or for those who want to improve on existing skills.

Performance management is for any organisation that wants to improve the competences and morale of staff, and thereby improve performance at work.

Minimum time required is one day, and it is best delivered over two half days.