Presentation skills

Presentation skills is one of a number of workshops covering a range of essential and transferrable business and organisational skills – view the full list here.

All my workshops are practical, they are opportunities to reflect, to share experiences, to learn from me and from others, to change who you are and what you do. I prefer bespoke solutions, so I’m happy to tailor what I do to meet a client’s needs.

About the workshop

This workshop will teach you the essential skills for making effective presentations, and it will increase your confidence in dealing with clients, colleagues and others.

The skills you learn can be used in both formal and informal meetings, and in presentations to small and large groups. As a result of the workshop you will gain confidence, be able to command attention, and express your ideas effectively.

The workshop is very practical and there will be several opportunities to practice new skills.

What you will learn

The workshop will teach you:

  • to use posture and body language
  • how to use your voice
  • the importance of eye contact
  • techniques for overcoming nerves
  • to understand and assess your audience
  • to deal with the practicalities of venue, presentation aids etc.
  • the importance of presentation structure
  • use of Powerpoint and other visual aids

Who should attend?

This workshop is of use to anyone making formal and informal presentations, and those wanting to be more confident and effective in meetings.

The workshop can be tailored to meet specific needs. Minimum time required is half a day (a basic workshop for up to six people). The full workshop requires two half days, or it can be extended to include additional elements and ‘real’ assignments.