Profitable client relationships

Profitable client relationships is one of a number of workshops covering a range of essential and transferrable business and organisational skills – view the full list here.

All my workshops are practical, they are opportunities to reflect, to share experiences, to learn from me and from others, to change who you are and what you do. I prefer bespoke solutions, so I’m happy to tailor what I do to meet a client’s needs.

About the workshop.

This is a practical workshop for account handlers or anyone client-facing. It is designed to:

  • instil the belief that it is everyone’s job to ensure that clients are retained and developed
  • to increase an understanding of what clients want
  • to help account handlers see things from a client’s point-of-view
  • to teach some simple techniques for building great relationships

Introductions and presentations

The session starts with everyone doing a two minute presentation in response to the brief:

  • choose a client where there are opportunities to increase the business you do with them
  • tell us who they are
  • outline what the opportunity is
  • tell us how this will help the client’s business
  • tell us the approximate value of the business.

What do clients want?

This section is designed to challenge assumptions and expand thinking about what clients want, and to separate organisational and business needs from personal needs.

Retaining and developing clients

We’ll start by asking: what is the current relationship with your clients, how does this help to retain and develop them?

We’ll then brainstorm the question: what are all the things that can be done to develop clients? We’ll produce a long list of things that can be done.

We’ll finish by asking everyone to revisit the clients they talked about in their presentations and to start flesh out a proposal and make a plan for increasing spend.

Building relationships – inter-personal skills

We’ll start this session with a brainstorm that asks: what are the qualities and skills you need in order to build good relationships with your clients?

We’ll then focus on three skills that help to build good relationships:

  • emotional intelligence – managing yourself and understanding others
  • building rapport – some simple techniques for building rapport.

The workshop is best deliver over two half-days, with a possible half day follow-up.