Team development

The team development programme is one of a number of workshops covering a range of essential and transferrable business and organisational skills – view the full list here.

All my workshops are practical, they are opportunities to reflect, to share experiences, to learn from me and from others, to change who you are and what you do. I prefer bespoke solutions, so I’m happy to tailor what I do to meet a client’s needs.

About the programme

All organisations rely on teams and groups of people working together.

This programme makes sure that a team has a strong foundation in shared aspirations and values, and a healthy culture. It also teaches team members the essential skills for working effectively with others.

The full programme consists of:

  1. Two half-day practical workshops with opportunities to share and learn, and practice new skills.
  2. Two one hour coaching sessions for each team member.
  3. A review workshop or workshops.

Workshop One: How to be a great team.

The first part of the programme will be spent putting in place elements such as clarity of purpose, shared vision and aspirations, and team values. These elements will be tailored to suit a team’s needs based on function, maturity, role etc.

Workshop Two: How to be a great team member.

The second part of the programme will teach you some essential team-working skills such as understanding yourself, understanding others, and different working styles.

Workshop Three: Review

This review allows the team to reflect on changes and improvements, and to plan further work together.

Coaching Sessions

These are one hour individual coaching sessions to help clarify individual roles, motivations, competences, challenges and more.